03: Transload

A diverse network of facilities allows non-rail served customers to enjoy the economies of long-haul rail with the convenience of localized trucking.

With integrated logistics capabilities and multi-modal services at all major seaports along Florida’s East Coast, FEC Railway can transload a variety of products to shipping containers for efficient export to locations around the world.


Receiving or shipping commodities, but no way to unload?
Our extensive rail to truck transload and warehouse network in Florida assists with efficient, reliable and cost-effective bulk transportation, storage and distribution.


Rail-to-ship made easy
With integrated logistics capabilities, and multi-modal services at all major South Florida seaports, customers can easily transload a variety of products from international to domestic shipping containers for both import and export goods.

  • Aggregate
  • Farm products
  • Food and kindred
  • Lumber
  • Machinery
  • Pulp and paper
  • Ethanol / bio-fuels
  • Petroleum products
  • Stone, clay and glass
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